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Friday, March 27, 2009

Here! I am sharing something new and absolutely different thing. It is very new and nice site. I am sharing my onpenion about this website. It is very friendly user interface website. It is very easie than other website like traffic exchange. It is totally different from other exchange program. You can share your website and your blog and your openion. It has a few steps to use this website.I found this website very nice. It is very unique idea. I am thankful to the developer of this website. Now I am going to teach you how can we use this website? Simple first of all open your browser Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer etc. then enter this link on address bar Now here is 3 steps. Follow these steps. 1. Type your blog or website address in the box when it enabled. 2. Select category. Which category is suitable for your website or blog. 3. Click on button of Notify Readers About My Blog.
Now Cick on button on both message box.

Now Click Continue.

One another thing is very important. Put link of on your website or blog. It will give you more traffic. I will share next time more about Thanks